Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good Will over Thanksgiving Break

I know...I talk about movies way too much. I was thinking; I could make myself like every other pretentious film buff and talk about Fellini, the French New Wave, or old obscure movies that no one's ever heard of, which would accomplish at least 1 of 2 things.

1. I could slowly spiral into a pathetic drone which would lead to my using words like, but not limited to: accoutrement, double-entendre, or even therefore.
Let's be real here. No self-respecting person uses these words in everyday conversation. Please write, like you talk. You just sound like an idiot.

2. I could label myself an elitist and no one would want to read what I have to say. I'd probably spend my nights going back and forth on film forums debating what that penis shot in the last Bertolucci movie means.

So I'd rather not. Instead, I want to talk about stuff people will actually enjoy. Like Good Will Hunting.

Since it came out, this movie has been in my list of favorites. It's just great writing. Robin Williams did a great job. Probably the best I've seen from him.

And of course, a few of my favorite scenes. With commentary of course.

Humbling. This just reminds me never to buy into that whole scene. Let's just be real with one another. None of this elitist Hahvahd swagger (Berkeleyans are guilty as well). Noona, please, none of this.

Tough love. It's great having friends willing to dish it.

It's ironic how no matter how much we can't stand each other, we learn so much from just being together.

I don't want to show too much for those who haven't seen it. Instead, let's watch it together. Anyone interested?


anninoe said...

I WILL SO WATCH IT WITH YOU..and point out that bar is RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY APT! so's that shot where they walk out of the bar...that's right across the street from me. we're watching this together during winter break.

david said...

yes, very much so. i love this movie

brian said...

man, what a great movie. i'm down for sure. you have it?

Ezra said...

we watched it.
And it was good.

love ezra