Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Being at the World Series...kind of.

So this past summer, I took a trip to Boston to help my sister move in and of course, like any baseball fan, was hoping I could catch a Bosox game while I was there. When I checked to get tickets, they were sold out (typical of Bosox games), so I went ahead and bought two incredibly overpriced standing room tickets on stubhub. Thursday wasn't exactly the best day for us to go, but I was just happy to be able to go see Fenway and the Sox. The night before, I realized that Josh Beckett and Jeff Francis would be pitching the night of our game so I was pumped. Little did I know that roughly 5 months later, that same game (Beckett vs. Francis @ Fenway) would end up being World Series Game 1. Of course, it isn't the same as being at the World Series, but it's probably the closest I'll ever get. In any case, I think it's awesome.

And what an appropriate time to post my pictures from that night and the Boston trip.

I've only been to a few ballparks in my life, but for me, Fenway really typifies what a ballpark should be. Notice how I said "ballpark" and not stadium. It's weird if you've never been there, but going to a game at Fenway really makes you feel like you're part of a community. Not like other places.

The whole park just has a very vintage, classic feel to it. My favorite park so far, hands down.

My favorite quote of the entire night (Notice the number 666 on the jersey):

Sister: Is Steinbrenner the best player on the Red Sox?

My sister's hilarious.

Of course, the Green Monster.

Just looking at these pictures makes me nostalgic.

Big Papi


Other Boston Pics:

Harvard's got a Calder
MIT's got a Calder
Apparently my sister does too.

Emack and Bolio's
Metro Black Guy sitting down: That thang is bigger than her heyd

Maine Lobster from Atlantic Fish Co. If you're a seafood lover and you're in Boston, you can't miss out on this place. Best restaurant I've been to.

If you want New England Clam Chowder in Boston, you can't just go to any restaurant or cheap stand. You need to go somewhere nice. Trust me, I found the difference out pretty quickly. Don't be cheap. It's not the same. Go to Atlantic Fish Co. It'll be the best Clam Chowder you've ever had.
Seafood Linguini (she didn't want to splurge on the lobster; I did)

Whole wheat French Toast at The Paramount

Crab Cake BLT
Famous Ethiopian Restaurant. Too dark to take pictures.

What's Boston without Art?

Just a few of my favorites that I got to see. If you can name all the artists, straight up, I'll buy you dinner.


What a great city.


Ezra said...

forget those red tight-pantsed sockies, gimme the lobster, baby.
Lookin' mighty fine. Like a mighty fine...lobster.

love ezra

ps. so. um. how old's your sister?
pps. I am hungry for lobster, did I tell you?

anninoe said...

these pics made me nostalgic :(

btw this is so coincidental, but i just posted a new xanga entry about almost the same thing(s), and then i saw your page here. KRAJEE.

p.s. you chose all the fat pictures of me.