Saturday, March 5, 2011

Random Observations...

- Mike Tyson's new reality show is showing on Animal Planet

- The word 'Grateful' begs the question: to whom?

- I'm beginning to realize that there's no way around hypocrisy. It's like God's sadistic little joke. We like to believe that because someone is one way in one aspect of their life, every aspect of their person follows suit, but that's just not true. A few examples:

1. Tiger Woods will potentially go down as the greatest golfer in history, most known for his tireless work ethic. Because of this, people assumed his dedication to his family was much the same. Unless you've been hiding in a closet for the past year, you know how the rest goes.

2. Kennedy was a great president (I think we've reached that point in retrospect when it's safe to say so). He was also a blatant womanizer.

3. MLK (see above)

All this to say: people compartmentalize. No one's perfect. A discovery it took me 23 years to figure out. Damn that fanboy inside of me.

- Rob Reiner has an incredibly diverse resume as a director. The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, A Few Good Men and This is Spinal Tap were all directed by the same guy.

- John's girlfriend cooked us dinner one night. Realization: I need a girlfriend.


Anonymous said...

whats wrong with being sexy?

anninoe said...

this is not considered a long post.