Monday, March 2, 2009

Writing Music

Lately I've been on a song-writing binge. Malcolm Gladwell says there's a 10,000 hour rule for anyone that wants to become an expert at something. I guess you can say I'm on hours 10 or 11 of my journey to be a good songwriter. Regardless it's been helping me get through my days.

My theory is if I can just crap out all the, for lack of better word, crap right now, hopefully I can write something worth listening to later on. I think my adolescence was and is dominated by the idea that I could get off without practice or hard work and just succeed off my own God-given talent. Unfortunately, personal experience has forced me to drop this theory.

So since Malcolm Gladwell tells me that everyone needs to be a work-horse in order to be good at something, I guess I have a lot of work to do. A lot of work.

I've always been my toughest critic, especially when it comes to music; so I guess it'll take a lot more than just a few more songs.

Here's to someday posting something that I won't inevitably hate. Growing pains are the worst of necessary evils.


Ezra said...

Keep writing. (music and entries) Learn about yourself and don't hate it, bro.

love ezra

anninoe said...

you know i'm a fan of your music. i miss the days when we'd both be home on college break and i'd hear you absentmindedly strumming away on the guitar in your bed or on your desk chair.

and then you'd come into my room and ask me what i thought of "this riff" which of course all sound AMAZING to this guitar-non! :)

jo said...

totally necessary.
miss you bud