Wednesday, August 13, 2008


In the midst of my toils writing my final papers, I thought I'd waste more time than I already have and update.

To me, happiness is...
...being unable to watch Nadal and Federer in the French Open final, only to find that it really wasn't worth watching.

...then watching Nadal beat Federer at Wimbledon and realizing it most definitely was worth watching.

...Yankee stadium with the siblings.

...New York with loved ones.

...being in awe for whatever reason. sister one-upping me at Harvard (also see: screaming at the top of my lungs as my sister walked up the podium only to find that she was the one person who didn't hear me)

...the best pizza I've ever eaten.

...Cal Football diehards (Rich belongs in this).

...GFC family growing up together.

...these punks.

...this punk.

...true friends (we actually hate each other, or so they say)

...George Clooney.

...ruining pictures (see right)

and, of course, being a punk while I still can.


annie c. said...

awww heart warming entry =)

lol blowing out someone else's candles..hahaha dude! you were sucha cute kid! VAT HAPPENED?! lol jk!

anninoe said...

this entry made me laugh, cry, and want to be back in the states all at once. i <3 you too, even if you blew out my freaking birthday candles. punk.

Ezra said...

Your best (picturous) entry yet. The apartment's readied for you.
Enjoy your LA. And come soon.
I love you, bro.

love ezra